Our Story

Our family shares many things in common like our love for great wine, its complexity, flavors and aromas. We are intrigued by the process in which these wonderful grapes emerge into a fabulous wine to be shared with friends and family.

In 2012 We, Roger and Doris, siblings, along with our spouses, Janice and John, purchased our first round of grapes and started to make wine as home winemakers. 

Our passion exploded and we became extremely excited by working hands on crafting our own varietals.

It wasn’t easy, with many trials and errors, hard work and late nights, through all this we still manage to have lots of fun. This is when Big Nose Wine was created and our dreams became a reality. With our driven dedication, we were able to create a wine we can enjoy and be proud of. 

Big Nose Wine was developed with the wine’s aromas in mind. Intriguing your senses to truly enjoy the wine tasting experience.

We are overjoyed to produce a wonderful, flavorful and award winning selection. We are proud and humbled to share it with you all. Cheers.

Mattar & Severs Families.